Life style by Melissa Spiffy: tricks to boost your energy while working from home. Zing energy⚡️

Melissa Spiffy

“Every time that I need a little extra boost I always drink coffee, so I’m trying to cut back, as coffee can give you jitters and make you crash later on. Zing Energy electrically stimulates your nervous system. Once you pull the tab the stimulation will start working. You will have to place it as high up as possible, behind your ear, close to the hair line. The patch has two tabs, so you can use it twice. The second time you can apply it 24 hours after you apply the first patch. So if you have a long night coming up or it’s in the middle of the day and you kind of need a pick me up – you put the patch on and it gives you up to 4 hours of energy. If feels like vibrations and you feel way more energetic right away.