Mental & physical fatigue biohacking from a mama of a toddler. Zing electric energy patch.

Hacking my wellbeing as a mama of a toddler! As you know I’m super-super all about optimizing my wellbeing and overall focus and concentration and energy levels and I’m a huge proponent of anything and everything biohacking. When I find something and I totaly love I would share with you guys. Something that I’ve recently discovered Zing Energy. It is electric energy patch and a very first of their kind. What it does – it delivers neurostimulation to awaken your sympathetic nervous system without any chemicals, without any caffeine. It delivers a Zing literally a “Zing” on the contact with your skin. It goes for about 5 minutes and the energy boost lasts up to 4 hours. As you know I’m a mama of a toddler and I need to utilize every awaken moment that I have and I’m super excited that it doesn’t have any crash it doesn’t have nasty chemicals in my body. I feel like I’m definitely more in flow.