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For those of you who aren’t familiar with neurostimulation – basically, it’s a well-researched area of neuroscience where electrical signals are delivered to the brain with the aim of treating or improving a whole host of cognitive issues. So I was pretty excited to try this new patch, which delivers five minutes of modulated electrical stimulation for four hours of energy and focus, without the high cost of a premium headset.
Today was my fifth time giving Thync’s @zingenergy patch a spin, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to experience a steady dose of subtle energy every day I’ve tried it. I’m also quite pleased to see such a novel, easy to use consumer application that isn’t cost prohibitive….it’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee. So if you’re feeling particularly innovative you should give it a try.


Preparing to take care if our City’s COVID-19 patients. We need all the energy we can get. Already getting exhausted on the front lines. This product gives us the energy to do our jobs safely and efficiently without any caffeine or, Red Bull or other energy drinks that leave us shaky and short. tempered. Thank You! All SMILES ON OUR FRONT LINES!!!!


MY NEW ADDICTION….⚡️⚡️👀 sooo the past month for ERRRBODY has been totally different in soooo many ways …and one thing significantly for me has been my ENERGY LEVELS… now of course I’m always a burst of energy in different ways but usually have different caffeine intake‘s to help , like energy drinks or my 6 cups of coffee in the morning BUTTT what if I told you that YOU could have MORE ENERGY & FOCUSNESS all from A SENSATIONAL NERVE STIMULATION…😍👀 @zingenergy has totally changed the game with their brand new caffeine free energy patch!!! JUSSST KNOW your experience will be a totally different experience than everybody who uses the patch in your own way , depending on just your body and how it takes the effects!


Absolutely loving the clean, natural energy I get from the @zingenergy patch ⚡️ #neurostimulation ⚡️no jitters, no supplements, no crash 🙌 try it instead of that 2nd cup of coffee!


I’ll say it again – it feels GOOD to feel good. I have been challenging myself a lot lately to get more creative with my workouts. From dance cardio to boxing to outdoor prints – and maybe a few TikTok dances in between – your girl is having a blast over here. ⁣
But let’s be real, I don’t wake up every day with a solid burst of energy from neurostimulation, not caffeine or chemicals. Sometimes I need a little boost and I’ve loved incorporating @ZingEnergy patches into my pre-workout routine. A solid burst of energy without the caffeine or chemicals. I’m sold. ⁣